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Japan's towel manufacture history in 1894 first while is produced our country since 1930 towel first produce. It became manure given at sowing time of industry growth recording export performance that 10 million dollars exceed when is being proud that is one during industry that have accomplished 2006 present to the best technical innovation in short history named 75 only when do standard and textile industry of towel industry grows by representative industry of our country economy in 1976 specially Thanks again in labors of first laborer were several founder of our country towel industry. Wish to introduce development process with foundation history of our HANMITOWEL here upon.

Towel manufacture industry of history of our country towel began since 1930. Because remodeling loom in Sechang Socks Factories of north Pyong-yang that time, remember that divided Terry textile fabrics for the first time and had used by Sochang before only. Republic of Korea (South Korea) is growing rapidly and proves quality such as the world best advanced nation technologically beginning production since 6.25 wars.

Our HANMITOWEL operated 7 places' towel full text manufacture factory before this place bamboo as persons who operate textile factory in North Korea settle in freedom Republic of Korea via 8.15 & 6.25 wars, Integrate each factory and established HANMITOWEL CO., LTD. to form here complete work to a towel distributing center in 1970. As a result, government is towel manufacturing plant which present about 70 pass over because His Majesty the King becomes appointment to a towel distributing center present and Japan is "IMABARI", Republic of Korea is standing on tiptoe by representative industry of towel manufacture as "DaeJeon" and because time passes so soon, inauguration of an enterprise generation's is being close upon 90 years old and HANMITOWEL is doing growth to the company which study for customer by craftsmanship for people health and hygiene only to constant product development and technical innovation. As a result, chose in KS Mark producing district honest calling style by industry first in 1998 and towel industry exists to KS Mark production enterprise uniquely until 2006 present.

Have self-conceit and dignity that can satisfy product and color others what condition that consumer wants trust and belief because only HANMITOWEL is possessing equipment that public decision can consist all in single factory before rare production at domestic until 2006 utilizing technological know-how (KNOW-HOW) that is having maximum uniquely giving true heart to by basis purpose under ideology which create ditto slogan and consumer's health and hygiene and all employee is doing best effort.


HANMITOWEL domestic first and being quoted ISO9001 certification company, GQ mark acquisition (system that quote melancholy product in government), SF mark acquisition (Deodorization hygiene processing company appointment) etc. as well uniquely domestic, cosmopolitan the quality in 2002 as well as Busan Asian game, 1988 Seoul world Olympiad, 1993 complete work international exhibition in 1986 that meet hereupon along with that is appreciating widely Korea and Japan World Cup Soccer as well as to arrive Pusan Asian game in 2002 dwindle for 10 years in Japan, Dubai, other Middle East area present by acquired ex about universal all events that use in domestic the result for long-term continuation export do .

Also, "HANMITOWEL" enrolls trade name and trademark in China government in 2005 and is trying HANMITOWEL product is recognized to China market late. Some company is doing domestic circulation importing low-cost towel of large quantity but HANMI-TOWEL will do best effort to grow repeatedly to guidance company of towel manufacture technology by carriage that try research for customer's health without bending hereupon only.

Pray consumers of that is healthy and to be interested in growth of our HANMITOWEL forward. Thank you.